So what happened to the old blog? Around version 1.5, WordPress drastically redid the layout portion of the blog script. I had designed my site around WordPress 1.2 and didn’t have the time/energy/motivation to redo the site. Therefore I did not update my WordPress.

This turned out to be a very bad idea.

First, I was getting spammed with random advertisements varying from the off-topic to the obscene and the filters I had weren’t stopping the comments.

Then my site disappeared entirely, replaced with a single-line hacker message.

It seems that along with the new design concepts, the WordPress updates also included vital security updates. Turns out that not only should you change your oil every 5,000 miles and wash your hands before eating, but you should also update your software regularly.

It became easier for me to simply delete the old site and start fresh.

This blog is not going to be updated often. I don’t like talking about myself and I don’t have any writing or entertainment industry advice that you couldn’t get elsewhere from more experienced people. I also have a long list of writing projects I should be working on instead of procrastinating online. So this will mostly function as a blogroll for myself, and a reference point for when I comment to other people’s blogs. Occasionally I may feel inspired/opinionated or have actual news to share. I reserve the right to post at random.

I do not expect anyone to add/keep me on their blogroll, even if I link to you. Enjoy the obligation-free linkage.