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I have two new features up at I interviewed the writers, director and stars of the movie Pathology at ComicCon last summer, but the article was delayed when the movie’s release date kept getting pushed back. Now the movie is finally out and so is my article.

I visited the set of CBS’s vampire show Moonlight a few weeks ago. I didn’t get much unique material since all the interviews were done with the entire press group present. Still, it was a fun visit. I ended up with more photos than I could use for the articles, so I’ve posted a few extras in my new photo gallery.


The second of my Comic-Con articles is now up at Classic-Horror. It’s called It’s Nothing Like “Angel,” We Swear: CBS’s New Vamp Detective Show “Moonlight”. And yes, I know a lot of people have been making Forever Knight comparisons, too, but Joel Silver doesn’t seem to have heard of it. At the Comic-Con Moonlight panel, someone asked about Forever Knight and he launched into a speech about how the new show was different from Angel, eliciting a few “buh?” responses from audience members who had actually heard the question.

This article comes from interviews with Sophia Myles, Brian J. White and Jason Dohring. Some additional information is from the Moonlight panel at Comic-Con.